What You Need to Know About Saitama from One-Punch Man

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This is a special post dedicated to One-Punch Man lovers. This is going to be a whole post discussing facts about our main character which is Saitama. For those who missed the latest chapter of this series, you are always welcome to read one punch man manga online Malaysia. If you are a fan of this series, you must love the main protagonist in which we will be exposing some facts about him that you probably didn’t know before. Our Saitama deserves this post for all the good deeds he has done and as a devoted fan, you should stay on this site. 

The Reason Behind Saitama’s Appearance

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New fans must be wondering why is Saitama bald. Actually, he used to have hair but since his superhero training, he has lost it. There is another hidden reason that most fans might have or might have not found out. The creator of this series decided to make him bald because he is tired of seeing only good-looking superheroes. He added that their spirits are the one that contributes to the character’s development and not solely their looks. If you are not from Japan, you might not know this one character named Anpanman. Saitama was inspired by Anpanman’s looks. The bald head and even the outfits are inspired by Anpanman. Most Japanese grew up with this character, so when they see Saitama, they might have reminisced about Anpanman. 

What Is It About the Name Saitama?

Saitama (サイタマ, Saitama) is such a unique name if you think about it again. ONE, one of the creators of this series actually stated that he chose the name Saitama because that is where he lives. The Saitama Prefecture is located in the Greater Tokyo area. It is a province where ONE lives and that is how the name Saitama is used as the name of the main protagonist. 

Despite Being a Hero, There Are Times Where Saitama Had to Struggle

Even a superhero has his own struggles. Little did you know that there were times when he wasn’t able to pay for his rent. But that was back then before he joined the Hero Association. He even had to work as a part-timer to pay for his rent. This is where the character somehow can be a relatable character despite his status as a hero. 

Saitama Reads Manga Too

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Just like some of us, he loves reading manga too. If you look meticulously at episodes that show the inside of Saitama’s apartment, you can see a bookshelf inside his house. This is another thing that you can relate to him. He reads manga too, just like his fans! 

Saitama’s Regular Face

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The face he makes most of the time is one of the interesting attractions that appears to have drawn people’s attention to read and watch the series. The fact is although he is bald and he doesn’t show much emotion, his physique is actually very surprising. You might have seen this in one of the episodes. 

One-Punch Man is currently one of the most popular manga and anime series out there. If you haven’t watched or read this, you should start right now. You might get immersed in the storyline and the characters’ personalities. 

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