What is good time management?

Time management is essentially purpose management and if we want to make better use of our time, the first thing we need to do is to find the things that are most worthy of our time. The essence of most people’s time management problems is that they don’t manage their time effectively.

There are all sorts of books and courses on the market that teach you various ways of time management. The problem is that the more you learn to manage your time, the more you will be managed by it. Why? The reason for this is that you are already busy yourself. However, there are many time management methods that can make you even busier, such as keeping a handbook, writing a day planner, using various apps to keep track of your time, and so on.

If you try to record your daily work and rest time, you will find that most of the time is taken up by goofing off, chatting, gaming and shopping, which, in my opinion, does not require time management, but only becomes how to spend time more delicately after fine management. 

Time management is essentially purpose management, and if we want to make better use of our time, the first thing we need to do is to find the things that are most worthy of our time. Self-learning and refinement are, without a doubt, the most worthwhile and meaningful things we can do. But this leads to over management of time. 

Receiving knowledge is far from being the same as absorbing it. We focus on learning various methods of time management, but have you ever thought about managing it in such a way that you are really sure it is using your time? 

Our human cognitive and learning processes have a bandwidth property, which in layman’s terms means that human energy is limited, just like network bandwidth, and when the flow of information to be received is too great, lagging and data loss will occur. A thirst for knowledge is encouraged, but learning without thinking and without knowing the trade-offs is not worthwhile or wise. 

When something is scarce, more people want it, and commercial marketing has become quite adept at exploiting this psychological trait, as exemplified by hunger marketing. We should not create the psychological implication that knowledge is scarce, hoping to solve this paradox by further squeezing the time, but in the end, we really have nothing to gain except the illusion of being resilient and crying.

Once you achieve good time management, you would have sufficient time for shopping, reading and gaming such as pussy888 casino and so on. 

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