What are the safest ways to use sex toys?

Sharing sex toys with others might transmit STDs because the bodily fluids on the object can convey the virus to the next person who uses it. If you’re sharing a sex toy with a partner, it’s important to take precautions to avoid STDs.

Clean Them Regularly

After each usage and before touching another person’s genitals, clean the adult toys using mild soap and water. Placing condoms on sex toys may help keep them clean and stop STDs from spreading. Just make sure the condoms are changed before the toy comes into contact with another person’s genitals. Make sure you use a lot of lubrication if you’re utilizing a sex toy in your anus. Because the anus does not lubricate (become wet) like a vagina, inserting anything in your buttocks without lubricant may be unpleasant, uncomfortable, and even dangerous. Also, never use a sex toy that has been in an anus without first cleaning it or replacing the condom. Vaginitis may develop if bacteria from your anus enter your vagina. It’s also crucial that any sex object you put in your anus has a large base or some other means of preventing it from entering all the way in. If you can’t reach a sex toy that has gone too deep into your anus, you may need to visit a nurse or doctor to get it out. (Because your cervix stops the end of your vaginal canal, you can’t lose a sex object there.)

Consider the Materials

Silicone lubricant should not be used with silicone sex toys (unless condoms are used) because it may react with the solid silicone in the device and cause harm. Any sex toy may be safely used with water-based lubrication (and any condom). It’s recommended to use a sex toy made of a body-safe, non-porous material like 100 percent silicone (not silicone mixes), hard plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, or break-resistant glass if you’re inserting it within your body (mouth, vagina, or anus). Non-porous toys are easy to keep clean since they don’t absorb germs. Even if you wash your sex toy regularly, porous materials like silicone mixes, jelly rubber, PVC, vinyl, TPR, TPE, elastomer, or other rubbery plastics may absorb bacteria that can lead to diseases. However, you may always wear a condom on your toy to keep it clean and prevent any pathogens from entering your body.

Read Those Instructions

Read the instructions that came with your sex toy or contact the professionals at your sex shop toy shop for the best method to clean and care for it. It’s preferable to utilize sex toys that are designed to be sex toys, particularly if you’re going to put them within your body. DIY sex toys may not be safe, particularly if they may shatter, contain rough, pointy, or loose pieces, or are composed of unhygienic or potentially harmful materials.

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that sex toys are a great addition to your pleasures in life, but one should consider these safe ways to enjoy them safely. 
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