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What Are Some Probable Reasons Why People Are Still Wearing Watches Today?

In 2010, people have started using smartphones to a considerable degree and since then, it has become quite an important device that we use on a daily basis. Do you know one thing that we also use every day? A watch.

Whether it is an heirloom mechanical watch or an impeccable automatic watch, why do you think some people still wear one in an age where smartphones can do a lot of different things?

In this article, I will provide some of the probable reasons why one still chooses to wear a timepiece today.

Watches Are Still Popular

There is a reason why watches are deemed timeless and that is because despite them being around for so many decades now, people still love them.

Ask any people around and they will give you plenty of different reasons why they are still wearing a watch. If you ask a man, they will tell you that they either improve one’s style or that it is the only piece of accessory that is socially acceptable for him to wear.

If you ask a woman, her response might be varied. Some would say that they wear one simply for convenience in that you can easily tell the time with a simple glance on your wrist while others would say that it improves their style.

Part of Their Collection

Just like any jewelry, a woman can decide to buy as many watches as they can so long as they suit her style. Men also collect watches but probably for varied reasons.

A man can choose to collect watches because they simply want to get into the act of collecting watches for their horological value. Some would buy watches so that they have different timepieces for different occasions.

Different Sizes for Different Folks

It is pretty interesting how a person chooses a watch in this day and age. It seems that their criteria may have been switches somehow.
You see, recently, I’ve established a poll on Facebook asking what sized watch they are going to buy for themselves. Interestingly, most women that answered the question would want to buy oversized watches simply because they are more stylish.

Men, on the other hand, would go the opposite route. The respondents say that they would much rather have a relatively small (for a man) analog watch than a gigantic timepiece.

It seems to me that companies are catching wind of this in that they are now starting to ditch male or female watches entirely in favor of unisex watches.

For example, Bulova’s new watches now sport a neutral look and they can definitely be enjoyed by either a man or a woman.

Smartwatches Are Here

Despite what watch purists would say, smartwatches are still, technically, watches. That being said, there are some people that would prefer them over a traditional watch any day.

The answers seem to be saying that it is due to the new-age device’s features. True enough, you can do a lot of things using smartwatches and they can actually encourage people to become more active.

Still, this is actually a good thing since people are still wearing watches even to this day.

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