What are Cool Cats NFT?

cool cats NFT news updates

Cool Cats NFT, or non-fungible tokens, is a collection of 9,999 randomly generated curated NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. The holders of the Cool Cat NFTs are able to join in exclusive events such as claims, raffles, and giveaways. The Cool Cat NFT displays a great diversity of body, hat, face, and outfit. Read more for cool cats NFT news updates

The Cool Cat NFT, which was introduced in July 2021, placed third in both popularity and sales. Cool Cats still has a thriving community despite its popularity waning than when it first came out. 

The Cool Cats cool-ness is distinguished by what items the Cool Cats are made of. Common items possess less points while rare items – such as an ape outfit – will contribute to higher points. The items the Cool Cat holds will determine its Cool points which ranges from 3 to 10 points. The points will be useful for raffles, contents and for breeding as well.

The team behind Cool Cat NFT is on a mission and that is to push the NFT world forward by launching games, live events, a unique voting system as well as a secret project.

The creators are aiming to create a Cooltopia where it is based on interactivity, utility, rewards, growth, and collaborations with brands. The Cooltopia is the entire Cool Cats ecosystem which includes the official Twitter account, Discord server, the Cool Shop and so on. Many advantages come with owning a Cool Cat, including unique Discord server roles, entry to virtual and actual events, access to airdrops, and many more.

According to the Cool Cat website, owners of Cool Cats can contribute to the development of the brand and environment for Cool Cats. They return 20% of any ETH raised back to the community through raffles, giveaways and many more. It demonstrates that owners of Cool Cats have a voice in the community with regard to upcoming developments like breeding, Cool Cat apps, new Cool Cats, and so forth.

The social token used by the Cool Cat ecosystem is called $MILK. The token is required to pay for future gamification, pet chests, combat chests, housing chests, quest trips, and housing chests.

In March 2022, Cool Cats was the 11th largest sold NFT project with over $290.44 million sales among 11,353 traders and 35,939 sales. Now, their floor price is 8.5 ETH or $25,900 for the cheapest NFT. Presently, the floor price for a Cool Cat NFT is 3 ETH.

Recently, in July 2022, they had just introduced The Jo Collection, which is a new bird avatar, to the ecosystem. The collection is a result of the collaboration with the Cool Cats community. The mint mechanics, such as the price, will be announced to the community soon. 

They have also released an update for Cooltopia which are Boss Quests. Cool Cat holders can send their Cat or Pet to fight denizens in Cooltopia. Holders who win against the bosses will get a new token in their inventory.

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