Top Questions to Ask Your Event Planner

1. “How much are your services?”

This is one of the first questions you must ask an event planning and management professional in Malaysia on the first meeting. If their fee is something you are not willing or prepared to pay, then stop wasting your time, and look for somewhere else. Look for another event planner with a more reasonable cost, and charges a flat fee.

2. “Do you have experience in dealing with vendor contracts?”

Choose an event planner who has vast experience in organizing events in the city where your event is happening. Vendor contracts may be related to event equipment rental, decorations, entertainment, temporary team workers and transportation. Having established connections and relationships can translate to more event savings. An experienced event planner will be able to identify surprise charges on the contract, and if possible, negotiate them.

3. “Will you personally attend the event?”

The most reputable and big-time event planners may depend on their assistants to manage and attend events for them. At times, she is only involved in the initial meetings. Eventually, the assistants take over to execute the event. The key word here is trust. Find an event planner who is involved in the entire process, and is readily available to attend to your concerns.

4. “How many months do you need to plan my event?”

Event planning companies operate in several ways while dealing with a variety of schedules. Big events such as trade shows, may take many years to plan. With some exceptions, event venue selection is the most crucial decision you must consider.

5. “What is your vision for the event?

Do you have backup plans ready, just in case something goes wrong?” See to it that the event planner you are going to hire has the same vision for your event. If you are planning to organize a formal event with all the attendees in formal wear, the event must be planned with that specific concept in mind. It wouldn’t be appropriate to let waiters in khaki shorts serve the guests. Moreover, what if you are having an outdoor party, and then it suddenly rains? Prayer alone wouldn’t save your precious occasion.

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