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These women-led sex toy brands will put yourself first

The necessity of self-care is one of the many lessons we’ve learned over the last two years, and sexual health has increasingly become a part of that dialogue

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The necessity of self-care is one of the many lessons we’ve learned over the last two years, and sexual health has increasingly become a part of that dialogue. That includes self-pleasure, and a slew of female-led businesses have risen to the challenge of innovating and bringing high-design sex toys to market that combine function and aesthetics. If you’re looking for a novel method to address the pleasure gap this Valentine’s Day, we’ve picked together six women-led intimacy startups whose products are breaking new ground.

Secret Cherry sex toy vibrator malaysia
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  1. Lioness 

The Lioness Vibrator 2.0 was built utilizing data from over 30,000 orgasms by two tech-savvy creators. The smart sex toy not only provides AI-assisted sessions, but it also employs sensors to analyze your arousal and climax patterns, allowing users to depart with a better understanding of their O. The Lionesss app allows owners to measure and quantify their orgasms, allowing for a more empowered in-bed experience, according to the inventor since information is always enticing.

  1. Dame Products

Dame was named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Wellness Companies of 2020 for its smart intimate goods. Dame makes smart, elegant toys and accessories for couples and solo play, led by co-founders Alexandra Fine, a sexologist, and engineer Janet Lieberman. With its hands-free functioning and elegant look, the Eva II is the latest version of the toy that launched the brand to the public. The Aer, on the other hand, is Dame’s most recent invention: a suction toy that employs air pulses to stimulate the most delicate portions of your anatomy.

  1. MysteryVibe

The toys from MysteryVibe are designed with sexual well-being in mind. They’re clever, pleasurable toys that encourage blood flow and relax muscles, as well as ease and address common issues like vulvodynia and vaginismus. The Crescendo, a flexible, six-motor vibrator that can be bent to reach different erogenous zones, is unisex, making it suitable for both couples and individuals.

  1. Lora DiCarlo

Cara Delevingne, an actress and model, will join Lora DiCarlo’s sex-tech firm at the end of 2020, bringing together efforts to de-stigmatize the pursuit of pleasure. The vibrator-suction toy Osé, the startup’s CES-winning hero product, is now available in a new edition. The Osé 2 is a multistimulating vibrator with a curved design that attempts to produce G-spot and clitoral orgasms. The flexible toy may be moulded to your liking and set at 10 intensity levels, with a suction function and robotic nub that moves to simulate that “come hither” action.

  1. Maude

An alumna of Everlane Eva Goicochea doesn’t mince words when it comes to describing her brand’s aesthetic: it’s clean, basic, and functional. Maude’s vibrator, suitably dubbed “Vibe,” is made of FDA-grade silicone in grey and green and has intended and intuitive features. Discreetly packed natural latex condoms, jojoba-oil massage candles in amber-coloured glass jars, and fragrance-free, PH-balanced body wash are among the company’s practical and gender-neutral sexual health goods.

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