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Smart Ways to USe Social Media If You Are An Artist

Are you utilizing social media to promote your artwork? You are one of the many artists we know today who launch their career on social media. If you are still struggling regarding this matter, here is how you can use social media for your art endeavour:

1.Save time with the help of tools.

The truth is that many artists are still not trying their luck on social media because they don’t have enough time for it. When it comes to posting on Facebook and Twitter, you can schedule them in advance using tools such as Buffer and SMQueue. You don’t have to spend an hour doing this. Scheduling your posts can take roughly 10 minutes.

2.Let your followers know about you or your work.

Building a brand can take you far because once you did, it is now easier to promote your artworks. It will help if you share something about your life and what you have achieved as an artist. Maybe you could share a video of your usual activity when you are at the studio. People love behind-the-scenes videos. To share your visual images, you can do it on Twitter and Facebook but the best social media for marketing business are Instagram and Pinterest.

3.Form relationships.

Many artists don’t sell mainly because they are focusing their efforts on marketing. Socialise and start to build relationship with your followers. If there are interesting posts from others, share them. You don’t always have to deal with stuff related to your niche. You can also be involved in other causes to create an engagement with your targeted audience.

4.Use your platforms to direct your followers to your blog.

Don’t just put all your marketing efforts on social media. You still need a blog to grow your audience outside of these platforms. Remember, social media is being used by millions of people but there are people who don’t spend a lot of time in it. Some of your followers might still prefer reading blogs than scrolling on Facebook. You can include links on your Facebook or Twitter status to direct people to your blog. You can also do this from your blog so people will be able to see your social media pages.

5.Study the right posting intervals for each platform.

Do note that there are different sets of audience on platform. The culture in Twitter is not the same as the one in Facebook. In Twitter, for instance, it is okay to post as often as you could. But in Facebook, it is not ideal to do that. Regardless of the difference in the quantity of your posts, make sure that you are committed to do it and you do it consistently.

As an artist, you don’t need the advanced skills in marketing and in blogging to succeed in your social media promotions. When you have questions, you can find the answers by reading how-tos and tutorials on the Internet. Take advantage of these resources to make social media marketing a nice experience for you.

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