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Six visual web design trends set to be big in 2019

1. Shapes loaded up with vivid slopes

This may sound oddly explicit, however, hold on for me. While the level structure is as yet holding tight for the present, brands are starting to warm to slopes – specifically, angles inside dynamic shapes.

2. Bright geometry

Conversely, sharp, precise components are additionally going to the fore and can be found in brilliant hues crosswise over presentation pages in various ventures. Unusual askew lines help to separate the well-established network and add new vitality to any website.

3. Huge, exploratory typography

The typography pattern is getting pushed as far as possible in 2019. Brands are beginning to try different things with flighty content arranging, for example, distorting, over-measuring and seeping past page limits.

4. Dim backgrounds

In spite of the endless discussion concerning the utilization of dull foundations on site pages, they have all the earmarks of being making a consistent rebound. It can regularly be hard to pull off, yet the beneath precedents show that, when connected well, a website can have an enduring and significant effect.

5. Full-screen video

We referenced video as one of the top website design architecture patterns of 2018, and there’s no indication of it easing up at any point shortly. With video currently overwhelming web-based life stages, it appears to be just right that website architecture would take action accordingly. Continue paying special mind to installed full-screen video content amid the year ahead.

6. Pastel shades

With the proceeded with the ubiquity of ‘millennial pink’ and the declaration of Pantone’s 2019 shade of the year (‘living coral’), pastels still vigorously impact configuration patterns both on and disconnected. Dessert shades are never again constrained to scandi furniture brands – we’re seeing them everywhere throughout the web.

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