Selecting a Watch That is Perfect for Your Wrist Size

Are you thinking of buying a new watch? Whether you are looking for second-hand mechanical timepieces, or designer watches in Malaysia, it’s important to pick one that is perfect for your wrist size. Timepieces come in all sizes and shapes.

From petite to oversized, you will have no trouble looking for a watch size that perfectly suits your style. However, you would want to have a proportional, balanced timepiece that looks and feels right.

Measure your wrist.

The very first thing you need to do is measure your own wrist. Knowing the size of your wrist will be beneficial in looking for a timepiece that feels comfortable. Moreover, this would be helpful if you are shopping online. You can ensure that the watch will fit perfectly, without even trying it on. Measuring your wrist is easy! Just simply use a tape measure.

Consider the watch brand, diameter, material and other unique details.

When picking a timepiece, there are many things you must consider, from the watch strap, case diameter and material to the watch brand and other small details. The case diameter is crucial in picking the right one for your wrist size.

Do you have a big wrist? Settle for diameters ranging between 38 to 46mm. For people with thin wrists, go for timepieces with diameter between 34mm to 22mm.

Look into the hands, marketers, crowns and subdials of the watch. No matter how small the detail is, it can impact the overall look and performance of the watch. If you have large wrists, big dial elements won’t look out of place. However, if you have thin or medium wrists, it is best to go for minimal features that wouldn’t make the timepiece look too distracted and complex.

Pick the best watch strap and band.

Band materials would also contribute to the timepiece’s look. Are you aiming for stainless steel bands? These are ticker, heavier bands compared to leather ones. Thus, for individuals with thin wrists, you may want to buy a less heavy material. Fabric, silicone and leather materials are great for thin to medium wrists, but will also look perfect on large wrists.

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