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How Does Online Platform Help In Activism


Living in a world that is infused with injustice acts that go around unnoticed and unpunished, we cannot help but avert from the flow of the comfortable life the society is living in and choose the harsh tide of criticism to be with oppressed partisans. As long as we refuse to peek outside of the protected bubble we are in, we will never get to achieve equality of every race and individual as there will always be those in higher positions preying on the needy as a form of exploitation or just to mock them. A lot of people have to put up with living daily with mockery and bad reputation other irresponsibly bad persons try to narrate them as.

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From what we can see widely for the past one month, the people in Palestine had to undergo a cruel and inhumane military regime of Israel bombing them without stopping in two weeks period. However, some people of different countries turn a blind eye because they know it does not affect their well beings, so they do not need to stand up for them. But with the resilience of their people who believe in the power of social media, they keep on sharing the live footage to let people know. It has been a risky yet fruitful journey as a lot of international people have opened up their minds and help to advocate for a safer Palestine. 

This kind of movement has been widely supported, just like the iconic black movement made due to the unnecessary violence and death their people have to suffer through. Using social media as their eyes, mouths and ears really do help in amplifying their visions and missions to people universally. This is why it is super vital to engage in social media activism rather than performative activism. 

A lot of people misuse irresponsibly thorough activities at times. They tend to come out as supportive and inclusive to everyone suffering around the world, but deep down, they are just trying to gain supporters and followers to uplift their business sales. This is the worst type of betrayal, and no one needs these people who are super useless on earth. 

Rather than that, we all need to know social media activism really works and is claimed to be the fastest platform to spread something that is blocked by the government. However, we all know that the accomplices are mostly paid to run through the censorship and mostly, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram gladly do that. This has resulted in a lot of things being restricted from being spread throughout the homepage of the other users. It is best for the activists to step up their game and create a website from web design agency Malaysia to centralise particular domains for spreading pieces of information. This needs to be executed in order to put a stop to the injustice and unfair treatments being practised upon innocent civilians. The more unacceptable fact is that these terrorists do not care who they kill; they only care about ethnically cleansing them all.

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