Web Design

Fresh Updates and Trends in Web Design for 2020

Dark Mode

In 2020, dark mode is a new trend with Android launching the two forms of dark mode called Force Dark Mode and System Dark Mode. Microsoft beat Google to the punch by launching the dark mode in its email app, but Google came quickly and launched its own dark edition option for the Android Gmail app 10.

Many web design agencies will choose to use dark mode for their applications or sites with the big players who presented this update, so expect to see more and more dark mode in the coming year.


Project storytelling is about helping the user make his journey on your platform so his experience is as simple and seamless as possible (in UX project). A good story helps users better understand the product. We can use a specially created character to tell a story, to whom we attribute a personality, we create a story and a conflict that our product (UI design) ultimately resolves. This is the basis for creativity when creating a product. Storytelling is used in both UI and UX and is based but implemented differently on the same principle.


As we said, motion graphics is the trend of the year and is also strongly manifested in UI design, adding power to an illustration, making the idea easier to assimilate and staying in the memory of the user.

Micro interactions fist looked through in 2018 but this is a phenomenon worth keeping an eye on in 2020. They are an extremely important UI design trend that makes the difference between an extraordinary and a basic app / website. Micro-interactions play an important role in making the user understand and direct the program to a better experience.


Illustrations and textures together are fantastic, and they can create unforgettable compositions. Lots of ideas can be found to add texture to your illustrations, from grainy textures to pre-made brushstrokes, or you can just create them manually. You can find many textures, pre-made brushes and tools in your illustrations by browsing the web.

3D Designs

With the advent of ever more powerful technologies and tools, 3d renderings have gradually changed. The 3d illustrations became very popular because it offers a more realistic image unlike the 2d ones.

Bold Colors

The bold colors make the drawings fine. They create a jovial atmosphere, they bring out the characters and the story behind the image.

Mix of Animations and Videos

The combination of a recorded video, animated illustrations and sometimes still photography may produce a remarkable result. The 2d or 3d illustrations create memorable videos that can be in motion from a couple of lines to real 3D characters or even complex visual effects that do not exist in real life.

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