Event Planning 101: 5 Innovative Event Ideas

Are you thinking of organizing an event anytime soon? If you really want it to be unique, you need to think out of the box. Explore new concepts. Whether you are mounting a conference or any other corporate event, you should make sure your guests would enjoy through unique entertainment. Even international event companies makes use of the ideas below.

Lighted Wallpaper

Hire a gifted team of visual artist and ask them to make moving projects. This is usually a routine for cultural and art events, but of course, I believe this would also be perfect for corporate occasion. Let them alter spaces, objects and facades within your venue. You can also include space-filling panoramas, illumination and 3D video mappings. These artistic realizations will surely be unforgettable for your guests.

Hashtag Printer

What is Hashtag Printer? Well, it prints images that are set to be uploaded on Twitter and Instagram using a specific hashtag. If you want your smartphone to serve like a photobooth, then explore this new trend. You will simply post an image using the event’s hashtag. That’s it. Hashtag printer can now collect the pictures. Genius, right? This is the newest face of online marketing. If you want your guests to have memorabilia, utilize this innovative tool.

Lunch Clubbing

A corporate event doesn’t need to be boring. Work and celebration can definitely go together. Choose a good venue where you can eat good food, and dance to amazing music. This is not only for partygoers, but for employees as well. You can even set a rule—don’t talk about work. Weird, but highly beneficial.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality offers to attendees the opportunity to experience a different kind of entertainment. Give them VR glasses, and take them to an artificially created, beautiful world. This trend is developing quicker than ever. Whether you are targeting millennials or an older market, they would surely love the different worlds this piece of technology can offer.

Graphic Recording

By considering graphic recording, the primary highlights and elements of your seminar, congress or any other event can be graphically recorded. The live drawings will not only entertain the guests, it will also get their utmost attention.

Graphic Recording offers several approaches to documenting details. Drawings can be accomplished through pen and paper, and can be projected in a big movie screen. Different artists, different possibilities.

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