Are you sure you want to be an Architect?

Tons of desire and commitment are required to be successful architect someday. No one becomes an architect simply because they love drawing, and that the profession sounds cool. Do you want to work for a reputable architecture company in Malaysia someday? Here are some things you need to know.

Drawing like a Passionate, Determined Architect

Many people think that for someone to become a successful architect, he or she needs to be a good artist. Keep in mind that while architects communicate through architectural drawings, what they are doing is not considered “making art.”

What makes a good designer?

Not all practicing architects do big picture designs. The job is not all about big killer ideas. Architecture project coordination and construction details are also integral to success.

How much money does an architect make?

Architects make good money because they balance happiness and money well. Do you want to look for new architecture opportunities from time to time? Research what parts of the country pay high salary for architects.

Be passionate.

Practicing architecture is not just about designing. The practice of architecture is more than just sketching on trace papers, and deciding which pens to use. It equates to solving people’s problems.

Architect’s Tools

To be a successful architect someday, you need to have all the necessary tools to get the job done right.

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