9 Secrets of Professional SEO Article Writers

SEO websites and blog articles are very important parts of social media management and online PR services. Anyone can learn how to optimize website pages, but you can’t just write random content and expect readers to visit your blog in no time. Visitors will come only if you do everything the right way.

The following are 9 secrets of experienced, professional SEO article writers. You’ll definitely learn from them.

1.Do your own keyword research.

Don’t just post random content on your website. Take your time and do keyword research. You need to make sure that the seo campaign is notice because of all of your hard work and efforts.

Which phrases and keywords are people searching for? How many times do you incorporate the keywords into your post? What keyword tools do you want to use? Ask yourself a lot of questions first, before jumping right into it.

2.Put all of your keywords to work.

Always include the keywords in your titles. Afterwards, you can try and use different variations of that keyword in the article itself. You need to remember though, that peppering your content with too much keywords won’t really work. Be tactical with your keyword activities. Implement it carefully and meticulously, just like how you run your SEO strategy.

3.Dedicate content about something your potential readers care about.

Always strive to provide some form of value to your audience. What are the things you want to share with them? What can you tell them that no other bloggers can? What unique services and knowledge can you provide? Surely, nobody knows your business like you do, so use that to your advantage. In addition to that, you can interview other professionals and learn from them.

4.Study the basics of technical search engine optimization.

Writers don’t need to know how to migrate a website and maximize a crawl budget. However, knowing a lot of technical things about SEO can make you a good SEO writer. Understanding several SEO aspects means that you can help out a little bit in other tasks, such as backlinking to one of your old posts. This will give your website the maximum benefit.

5.Make your content long enough to count.

Search engines give preference to lengthy articles and blogs for a good reason. Are you planning to write a 600-word blog article today? If you can make it a 1,000-word material, then why not go for that instead?

6.Always track your progress and your analytics.

Regularly monitor your content through Google Analytics. How is your bounce rate? If your blog visitors are not staying for long time, then maybe you are not providing the information they need.

7.Always edit your work before publishing.

Make sure to do last-minute double checking and revisions before publishing your content. Stay away from incredibly long paragraphs and sentences that would go on and on for miles. If you have a friend beside you, you can ask him or her to proofread your material before publishing it. Having a second set of eyes to catch mistakes is always a great idea.

8.Be versatile! Be your own online PR agency.

Are you done writing and posting your content? Now, it’s time to take on the final step! Act like your own online PR agency and add links to your content. Comment on specific websites, and link back to your blog. Also, why not submit your content to StumbleUpon and Reddit? Web content writing and social media management always go hand in hand, so you should always leverage on that!

9.Accept the fact that becoming a search engine optimization writing expert can take time.

SEO content writing is a skill that can’t be mastered overnight. But you don’t need to worry. Just continue learning, writing and exposing yourself on various digital platforms. You have all the time in the world to perfect your SEO writing skills, and allow your website to improve its rank.

Are you excited to apply the aforementioned tips and “secrets” to your own website? Planning to revamp your SEO strategy? Go ahead and do what is necessary to grab that amazing online reputation!

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