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7 Tips for Smarter Social Media Marketing Using the Buffer App

Social media is now used in a lot of ways. You could use it for personal use where you share what’s happening in your life to the world and you can also use it for your mobile apps company business or marketing as well.

That being said, there are a lot of social media platforms out there today and if you want to do some marketing using the platform, it can be so hard to do it one by one. Wouldn’t it be great if there is an app that aggregates all of this into one single hub for easy use?

Well, there is actually an app for that and that is the Buffer App. Today, I am going to talk about some tips on how you can use the app for your social media marketing.

  • Use that Share Button

When you see something interesting on one of your social media feeds, that can be quite cumbersome to share it on all of your other accounts.

What you can do to share the post in one go to all of your other accounts is to use Buffer. All you have to do is click the Share button and then tap Buffer.

It should automatically load up on your Queue and it will get posted at the time you’ve specified. That is on all of your linked social media accounts.


  • Drag and Drop Posts to Copy It to Your Other Accounts

It is frustrating and time-consuming to copy and paste your long post to each and every social media account you have individually.

With Buffer, that is a thing of the past. When you’ve posted something on, say, your Facebook account, you can tap and hold the post for 2 seconds, drag it to Buffer, and then it will immediately copy whatever it is.

Then, you can choose to post what you’ve copied to your various social accounts. Convenient, right?


  • Pause Everything if There’s an Emergency

There are times where an emergency happens and posting something that is inappropriate using your social media account is a bad idea.

If you’ve queued some posts before and you do not want to post it, for the time being, you can pretty much pause the queue by tapping the option in the Buffer App. You can resume posting once you’ve enabled it again.

  • Easily Repost Things Again

There are certain posts that you’ve made that has had a lot of likes. Those posts are what is going to make you popular.

You can easily repost them again by heading to the Analytics page, tapping on the recent and then the most popular ones, find the right post you want to share again, and then tap the option to “Rebuffer.” You also have the option to add something new to the caption, but that is just optional.


  • How is Everything Going?

Part of what businessmen do is look at analytics to see how they’re performing. There is also a similar feature on Buffer in that you can see reports to allow you to see how your previous posts are faring and you can even get an overview of everything as well.

Do note that this option is only available for the business plan. But it is pretty useful since you’re going to get some useful data.


  • Shuffle It

If you’ve shared multiple stuff before, you can have the option to mix it up by using the app’s Shuffle button.

  • It Supports Native Retweets

Buffer can also post native retweets as well. All you have to do is find a particular tweet you want to share, tap “Share Tweet via..” and then choose Buffer.

It will instantly post it on your other social media accounts which makes it a lot more convenient.


Social media has become more than a personal platform. You can do social media marketing and you can improve the way you do it by using the Buffer app.

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