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7 Room Design Hacks Interior Designers Will Never Tell You for Free

There is a saying that if you are really good at something, never do it for free. Well, that applies to some interior design ideas as some interior designers are privy when it comes to the information that they are telling their clients.

However, there are some good folks over at some of the top interior design firms in Malaysia that have shared some design hacks that will instantly transform your home from a boring one to an aesthetically-pleasing one.

If you want to know what these design hacks are, do read the rest of the article to find out.

Rearrange the Bookshelves

If you have books stacked in your bookshelves, instead of arranging them in one way, try experimenting with their placements.

For instance, you can have 60 percent of your books be stacked vertically while the remaining 40% percent be stacked horizontally. Doing it this way will help you achieve a certain level of spontaneity.

What to Do with Throw Pillows

When purchasing throw pillows, it is important that you just do not buy a single-sized one; buy multiple sizes instead.

The reason why you’d want to do that is that you can mix and match different pillowcase patterns to help create a certain design aesthetic. And, having different-sized pillows can certainly help with the appearance of your couch as well.

Put Up Some Artwork at Just the Right Height

Most people put up paintings too high up that people will not be able to enjoy them. What you can do instead is based on the size of your couch and then count 3-8 inches above it. That is the ideal location where you should put your favorite paintings.

The Best Mirror Placement Height

According to some interior designers, your mirror should be placed about 57 inches from the ground. This is considered to be the most ideal height for most people.

The Size of Your Area Rug Matters

It is important to keep in mind that the size of the area rug that you’re going to buy matters a lot. That is because when you place them on, say, your living room, it will dictate the placement of your furnishings in that area.

For example, if you’ve bought an 8×10-foot rug, you can place the front legs of your chairs on the rug, as well as the sofa’s.

However, if you’ve bought a much smaller, 5×8-foot rug, leaving your couch completely off the rug is necessary, but still make sure that the chairs and perhaps your coffee table are still placed on the rug itself.

Buy a Dining Table at the Right Size

If you are on the market for a dining table, buy one that measures at least 36 inches. That is so that you can have ample space to put all of your food at the center, as well as some decorations to go along with it as well.

If you are constrained by space, consider buying a round table instead.

Use the 60-30-10 Ratio When Choosing Colors

When you are thinking about your overall color scheme, you can follow the 60-30-10 rule. About 60% of the total color of your room should be one that you will use predominantly. The next 30 will be your secondary color or the color of your furnishings and the last 10 will be used as an accent color.

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