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5 Biggest Challenges in Mobile App Development

Look, smartphones and portable devices have become integral in our daily lives that we pretty much cannot live without them anymore.
That being said, app development companies create millions upon millions of apps every year- prompting people to believe that it is actually quite easy to build them.
Although that is true to some extent, there are some challenges that mobile app developers face when it comes to building applications.
So today, this article will be focused on some of those challenges.

The Development Approach

Even though app development frameworks have become quite easy to use and robust in this day and age, app developers would still have to contend whether they will create a hybrid app, a native app, or a cross-platform one.
There are certainly plenty of advantages of either one of them, but it will still depend on the client what they want to have built for them.
Of course, there is the talk of the budget and the features that it is going to have, but this is definitely one of the biggest challenges in mobile app development (even to this day).

Screen Size and Device Compatibility

There are so many phones being released every year and most of them are already having more than 6-inch screens. Be that as it may, some of them still do not follow a standard aspect ratio which means that although there are phones that have huge displays, content still cannot utilize the entire screen real estate.
In addition, device compatibility is always going to be a major concern given that not all phones have the same operating systems. For instance, inexpensive Android phones may be two operating system versions behind than their flagship counterparts, which presents a severe limitation for the end-user.
If the app developers were to focus only on the latest and greatest, not a lot of people will be catered to. Conversely, if they were to cater to the vast majority of their users, they might not be able to integrate newer features that can only be unlocked when it comes with the latest mobile OS.
I think that a compromise would have to do for now.

Market Promotion

What do you think makes a good app a really successful one? Well first, it has to have all of the features that people want to use. Second, people should be aware that such an app exists.
App developers are pretty good that they can implement a lot of different things that adhere to mobile app development standards, but without proper market promotion, you will never be able to make your app known to the public.
So, companies should make it a point to also spend money on promoting their individual apps.


Just like people do not want to wait a long time for applications and pages to load, so is the performance of the application itself. An application would require a pretty good phone to be able to function properly.
Even though the app developer tries his very best to make the app as smooth as possible, it can be very limited with the number of resources a mobile device has.


Of course, an article about the biggest challenges in mobile app development will not be complete without talking about the price.
Money is always going to be a big concern in app creation, simply because it can dictate what the end product is going to be.
For example, if a business owner decides to create a native app for their venture, they may have to shell out more money for such. Add to that the fact that they will have to spend more if they wish to include more complex features.

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