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10 Creative Content Ideas for Affiliate Marketers

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1. Reviews

One of the easiest types of content you can use to promote affiliate items is reviews. Essentially write up your assessment of an item based on your experience. You can describe how you used it and how it helped you.

The objective here is to be more intensive and helpful than through and through limited time (despite the fact that it’s great to explain what you like about the item). You need to keep your readers’ trust while giving them honest data on what makes purchasing the item useful.

The piece includes over 1,000 words and a number of screenshots that completely explain what the item is, the amount it costs, and what users get from it in the event that they choose to begin a record. The writer even anticipates questions readers may have and answers them.

Unmistakably the writer’s recommending the item, yet they do as such that is more educational than sales, which ultimately comes off as more persuasive to readers.

2. Item examinations

You will need to answer the questions your readers are well on the way to have when it comes to picking what items to purchase, like attempting to figure out what’s different around two competing items so as to determine which one is best for them.

You can answer that question with an item examination post. Similarly, as with reviews, you should concentrate on giving all the data your readers might need rather than pushing the sale.

We Rock Your Web does a great job of pitting private venture bookkeeping software items against each other in a comprehensive correlation post. They include scaled-down reviews of each item, positioning of their best three picks, and a correlation table that takes a gander at the items’ features and costs side-by-side.

That is all extremely valuable data to any entrepreneur attempting to make a decision. In that capacity, the two forms of trust in the blog and is likely to encourage numerous readers to navigate one of those connections and make a purchase.

3. Enlightening Videos

While the text is the most evident organization to stay with when it comes to affiliate marketing (it’s a lot easier to include a connection inside text than most other arrangements), many individuals do prefer devouring content in video structure rather than reading it.

You could generally combine the best of the two universes. Create a video that explains the benefits of the item you’re helping promote (or do a video version of your review) and embed it inside a post that provides comparative data.

Yaro Starak pulls that off with impressive results over at the Entrepreneur’s Journey blog when he writes about utilizing an exceptional desk. Both the video and the post spread out the reasons for why an outstanding desk is justified, despite all the trouble and how to assemble one.

The blog itself includes a number of connections to the specific items he purchased to put his high-quality desk together, so a video doesn’t have to preclude your capacity to interface out.

For people that prefer video, and for any subjects or items that really lend themselves to making a video (like this one did), making educational videos coupled with text can be a great method to promote affiliate items.

4. The most effective method to articles

You could take a couple of different approaches when it comes to utilizing how-to articles for affiliate marketing. You could write articles that describe how to get the most out of an item or make use of certain features.

Or on the other hand, you could use more general how-to articles to direct readers to affiliate items.

The Penny Hoarder offers a genuine example of the latter with them How to Build a Home Gym for $100 post. It addresses a point relevant to their thrifty audience: how might you remain fit as a fiddle while additionally getting a good deal on a month to month rec center membership?

What’s more, the point gives the site plenty of opportunities to interface out to item pages for relevant items readers can purchase.

5. Video instructional exercises

Like how-to articles, video instructional exercises give you a chance to tell your readers the best way to make the best use of the item you’re recommending. These can especially be useful if the affiliate items you promote on your blog are complicated to use, like software that has bunches of features.

For some types of items, a video that provides a visual stroll through can be significantly more helpful to your audience than words that communicate the same thing. With software, knowing where on the screen to look and snap is significant.

Furthermore, with something like exercise equipment, seeing someone use equipment properly can ensure those viewing is more likely to use it correctly and safely.

For an example of how video instructional exercises can look, Envato Tuts + has a number of brief videos telling viewers the best way to do multiple things in Microsoft PowerPoint in different ways.

Likewise, with our earlier video example, the precarious thing here becomes how to include your affiliate interface. By hosting these videos all alone website embedded inside a blog entry, that shouldn’t be an issue. You can include a connect to the item both above and below the video.

As an extra tip here, by remembering a written version of the instructional exercise for the same post like Envato Tuts + does, you can, in any case, optimize the post with your chosen keywords to improve its SEO, and you have plenty of chance to include your connections.

What’s more, it’s useful for your followers as well, who have their pick between a video and text-based on their personal preferences.

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